The European Union for Systemics, founded in 1988, aims at promoting at European level systemic research and its applications. The EUS is a union of national learned societies. The scholarly systemic societies of each European country are entitled to join the EUS. The EUS strives to create, with its network of societies, a context conducive to the advancement of systemic systems (both its theoretical foundations, methodologies or applications) and its dissemination, promoting cross-disciplinary exchanges.

This event takes place every three years and constitutes a great moment of encounter for the European and international systemicians. It expresses the relational and interface function performed by the EUS and the synergetic role of the system. Articulating theoretical, methodological and practical approaches, systemics contributes to the synergy of the various disciplines, thus promoting scientific, social, economic and technical development. The EUS congresses aim to decompartmentalize the approaches of the specialists of the various disciplines.