Workshop : System Thinking and economy: a dialog for the future

Abstract :

The economy is a body of knowledge in profound crisis.
Form one hand the mainstream economy (neoclassic economy) thinking shares same difficulties with all reductionist perspectives in social sciences.
From the other hand, humanistic and historical perspectives are just descriptive ones and provide ex-post descriptions only.
The objective of this section is to explore whether System Thinking might contribute to developing a new economic thinking for ruling macro and micro economic system in search of a new society.


Chairmanship and Organisers :

Luciano Martinoli,
A graduate in Information Sciences, he has held managerial roles in leading international IT companies. He then worked on start-ups and opening branches of multinational companies in Italy. Subsequently he held a leading position in Business Incubators and participated in business development projects. Since 2009, Crescendo has been able to exploit these organizational and strategic experiences within the framework of the scientific-cultural framework developed by the company.

“Complexity, Autopoiesis and Governing issues of Company People Organization”, WOSC 2017, Rome

“Per comprendere Luhmann”, 2016, by Hans Georg Moeller and Luciano Martinoli, IPOC, Milano, Italy

Francesco Zanotti,
Francesco Zanotti gained a Master degree in Physics at the University of Pavia. His professional background has been developed in top consulting groups (Studio Ambrosetti, Hay Group Methodos). Ranging his responsibilities up to Partner and CEO, he also founded two consulting companies (Phonema and Stagira). His main areas of interest and research are corporate strategy, organisational development and complexity science, where he is contributing to build a new discipline, called quantum systemics, that should describe the birth and the development of human systems.

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